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Bookkeeping FAQ

The main differences between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant are the levels of work that are performed as well as education requirements.

To be an Accountant requires a college degree while to be a Bookkeeper only requires an understanding of the Accounting fundamentals. This is because bookkeeping is the foundation of the Accounting system not the whole system. However there are certifications that Bookkeepers can attain and it is recommended they do so.

Some Accountants do bookkeeping and some do not. Most Accountants perform high level financial work such as Auditing and Taxes and Analysis. A Bookkeeper's primary job is to organize and classify your books in a way that helps the Accountant to do those jobs.

Now for the bottom line. Accountants are much more costly than a Bookkeeper when it comes to bookkeeping work and therefore a bookkeeper is a much better value for smaller businesses. 

A Bookkeeper's primary function is to maintain the Chart of Accounts via recording and classifying of daily transactions as well as prepare Financial Statements that your Accountant, CPA or Tax preparer will need at filing time.
These Statements also help lenders determine credit worthiness. You yourself will need them to determine where your business stands. Financial Statements are used to determine future purchases, payments, setting up a budget and so forth.  

- As stated before, a Bookkeeper is less expensive than a CPA. Bookkeepers generally charge only double digits per hour vs. an Accountant  who generally charges triple digits per hour (i.e.: $45/hr vs $150/hr). That's almost 3x's the savings.

- Save money on CPA expenses by having clean, organized books and Financial Statements. The less time they have to spend in your books correcting mistakes to get the correct figures the better and less expensive it is for you! They want to see the Financial Statements and get on with their work.

- Audit ease via proper paper trails and detailed documentation. Every Transaction must have supporting paperwork or it is assumed to not have happened. There is no excuse here because there are many ways to get your paperwork to your Bookkeeper. Cloud services have become the new standard and with Cloud Accounting such as Quickbooks Online you can share these documents directly within the program itself. You also have the option to use a cloud document storage solution such as Google Drive or Sync. Both of which are great examples.

- Most importantly, a Bookkeeper adds value to your business by allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and your clients/customers. At this point the only worry you have is as above, getting your documents to your Bookkeeper. No more hours staring at your shoe box and trying to learn a computer software when you should be making customer service calls and actually working your business.

- Save money on payroll and overhead. This is a multi-faceted benefit. By not needing to employ someone onsite to handle these tasks for you save the overhead of payroll taxes, training expenses, hourly wages as well as medical benefits.

- Transactional Research & Categorization
- Journal Entries and Adjusting Entries
- Banking and Deposit Entries
- Manage Accounts Payable
- Manage Accounts Receivable
- Collect and remit Sales and Payroll Taxes
- Bank Reconciliations
- Maintain your Annual Budget
- Report Issues and or Variances
- Payroll
- Prepare Financial Statements

For more details check out this article: 

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